Promotion "One day of safety"

On February 22, 2021, in the organizations that are part of the Beltopgaz State Production Association, the campaign "Single Day of Safety" starts, in order to prevent incidents, accidents at potentially dangerous facilities of the enterprise, accidents when using fire in everyday life, as well as to promote the safe use of fire and of the basics of life safety OJSC "Peat briquetting plant Lidskiy" takes part in the action "Single day of safety" held in the organizations that are part of the State Production Association "Beltopgaz" which will be held from 02.02.2021 to 01.03.2021. Within the framework of the "Single Day of Safety", performances will be organized in the labor collectives of the enterprise's divisions, including with the invitation of the subjects of crime prevention in the person of representatives of the Lida District Department of Internal Affairs and the Regional Emergency Service.