About enterprise

OJSC "Peat briquetting plant Lidsky" for 60 years has been one of the five largest enterprises in the industry for the extraction of peat and the production of fuel peat briquettes. It was put into operation on 01.12.1957 and was named the Dokudovskoe peat enterprise. Initially, the project envisaged the extraction of 157,000 tons of sod peat for 30 years and 269,000 tons of milled peat for 34 years. The task of the constructed enterprise was to provide the Lida CHPP with fuel. In the first year, 1958, 86.1 thousand tons of lump and 116.5 thousand tons of milled peat were mined, and since 1960 the enterprise has gradually switched to the extraction of milling fuel, as a more progressive and highly mechanized one. The main consumers of milled peat were power engineers, including the Lida CHP. The area of ​​the entire massif within the boundaries of industrial deposits was 6290 hectares, the geological reserve of peat is 187.2 million mᶾ. In 1959 the enterprise "Dokudovskoe" was renamed into the peat enterprise "40 years of the BSSR" on the basis of the order of the management of the peat industry SNKh BSSR No. 174 dated 01.09.1959 In 1960, the Belgiprotorf Institute completed a project for the reconstruction of the enterprise, according to which it completely switched over to the extraction of milled peat. Of the total volumes of peat extracted, most of it was used as fuel for thermal power plants, part was used for cooking - TMAU, for the needs of agriculture and part was mined as raw material for the production of semi-briquettes. In 1963, the semi-briquette shop in Pervomaisk was reconstructed. The Tsemag dryer was installed and from the end of 1963 the enterprise began to produce peat briquettes. In 1970, the Belgiprotorf Institute developed a technical design for the construction of a new peat briquetting plant with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year, and in 1974, in June, the plant was put into operation. During the entire period of time, the enterprise was merged and separated. Thus, by order of the Ministry of Fuel Industry of the BSSR No. 106 dated 12.24.85, the first peat enterprise "Miranka" of the Karelichi region was joined to the enterprise, then the peat briquetting "Oshmyansky" of the Oshmyany region and the enterprise became known as the Industrial peat briquettes "40 years of the BSSR". During these years, the association produced up to 670 thousand tons of peat, produced up to 140.3 tons of briquettes, the company employed up to 740 people. The year 1971 became special and significant for the enterprise. For the successful implementation of the tasks of the five-year plan for the extraction of peat and the achievement of high technical and economic indicators in work by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated 01.22.1971, it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and since March 22, 1971, the peat enterprise began to be called the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. 40 years of the BSSR " The team, marked with a high state award, decided to celebrate the new five-year plan with even higher labor successes. Based on the results of work in the first quarter of 1971, the enterprise was awarded the Challenge Red Banner of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR and the Belarusian Republican Council of Trade Unions with a cash bonus of 7,000 rubles for high technical and economic indicators. During the 1971 harvesting season, a record amount of peat was mined for the enterprise - 947,700 tons and the largest number of tons of briquettes was produced. This year was a peak both for peat extraction and for the production of briquettes and semi-briquettes (up to the construction of a new briquetting shop). In June 1974, a briquette plant was built and put into operation, which is still operating today. In the best years of its activity, the enterprise produced 947 thousand tons of peat (1970) and produced 163.5 thousand tons of briquettes (1975). Today the peat enterprise is working to ensure that the quality of goods meets the level of international standards. The confirmation of the achieved success in this direction is the mutually beneficial cooperation of the enterprises of the region with their partners in the CIS countries and in foreign countries. Today the company is engaged in the extraction of peat as a fuel for boiler houses and raw materials for the production of fuel briquettes, and briquettes from peat and peat-based with the addition of fires, sawdust, and also extracts milled peat for the production of composts in agriculture. The last important event that took place at the enterprise was that in September 2014 a modular mini-plant was put into operation and the production of new products - fuel cylindrical briquettes based on BTTs peat with a capacity of 20.4 thousand tons per year - was launched. A pellet line was also put into operation at the enterprise. Pellets are intended for use in boilers and fireplaces for heating private houses, boiler houses of housing and communal services, in systems of combined heat and power production for heat and energy saving of microdistricts. In 2015, the enterprise began supplying dried peat to OJSC Krasnoselskstroymaterialy, and a project was implemented to build a line for the selection of dried milk. The main type of products manufactured by the enterprise are fuel briquettes intended for household